TrueTel Communications: Fixed Wireless Line of Sight
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TrueTel Communications


Fixed Wireless Service (Line of Sight)

Wireless Alternate Access Vendor (WAAV)

Use our Fixed Wireless solution as your Primary Access method for MPLS, Layer 2, Private Line/Point to Point,  IP/Layer 3, WAN, Hosted Services, etc. 

Incorporate into your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) / Business Continuity Plan (BCP) as Secondary Access or for:
Bypassing the ILEC
- Carrier Diversity
- POP Diversity
- Access Diversity
- Point to Point (Private Line / Layer 2)
- Layer 3 Access

Excellent solution for interconnecting buildings on a Campus, eliminating the capital cost of installing fiber or ethernet cable between each building).

Use our Fixed Wireless service as Point to Point connectivity (Private Line, Layer 2), interconnecting buildings 30+ miles apart.

Our fixed wireless service provides circuit data speeds up to 600M symetrically.